Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-26 21:47:47 (UTC)

i'b gonna wose it soon....

That's about how I sound with my new retainer in.

New favoite sog: Kidd frdm a rose by seald

That's how I sound.
And I'm happy. I'll get to see the end of 1776 after all.
I missed about 30 minutes today, but there's still more!
Seriously, I couldn't be happier. That movies just FUNNY!
(Don't ask... I'm listening to ass old music. Need I say
MSN Messenger 8 or whatever the hell it is is really cool.
I like the new emoticons thingers, or whatever.
I'm boring. Yep. I'm boring. Hehe.
We march tonight. Again. Damn. It's cold here. At NOON
it was like, 2. Abrrbrrbrr!

"A kiss from a rose..."
"Since when is a Twinkie wrapper considered great

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