random mumblings
2001-10-26 21:47:33 (UTC)

i'm content

...which is a step up from where i normally am :)
my "marathon" of 7 days of straight working is finally over
and the weekend's here. WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!1!!@!!
2!!!!!1! i can't be excited enough about that! this
morning i worked at 6am which i thought would be hard but
it was *so* dead until abot 10 o'clock or so which was
perfect. i wish it was like that everyday...the day just
flew by. i crashed at amanda and julie's place last
night...the last time i'll ever be there. i offered to
help them move...i think kevin wanted the help but amanda
insisted that they had enough people which is good because
chess is on thursday night :) so i've gotta do some
cleaning because my parents and kirk are coming down
tomorrow for my graduation on sunday. it should be fun but
my place is a hole. i also have a couple of active games
for the first annual ottawa chess club.com hallowe'en
active tournament. i was gonna play in the whole thing but
my parents are coming down so i can't really do it. vicki
got her weekend switched to the same as mine so i'll never
have to take the FUCKING BUS EVER AGAIN!!!!!!11!!!!!!!11!!
111! good for me :) kev ditched me on wrestlemania (even
though i was fired up because i was talking to this guy
shawn at work and he said that 8 buddies of his last year
bought an old school bus and drove down to houston texas to
see wrestlemania...unbelievable) but that's cool...he's
gonna buy smackdown 3 : just bring it today so i'm heading
over there once i get some cleaning up done. what else is
new (i got my auto-nag from my-diary.org) i've been
chatting with amanda again, and everything's cool...she
even invited me out for her birthday...but i'm not gonna
get any ideas about her ever again unless she is actually
sucking on my dick and even then... ;) oh here's my
horoscope from the gay newspaper (just like before) this
one's dead on it seems...if the shoe fits...

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) : Ready to become a more powerfully
vulnerable lover? The astrolofical time is ripe. Here are
some hints to facilitate you. As much as you've been hurt
when you've had your heart broken in the past, you should
also be grateful. (eh...i'm more ungrateful than anything)
That stinging sadness has helped make you more sensitive to
both your own feelings and those of other people; it has
shaped you into a more compassionate soul who's acutely
attuned to how fragile we all are. If you're lucky, the
romantic sorrows of old have made you so brave you're now
willing to risk everything for real love. (am i?) You've
become smart enough to act as if there's nothing more
important than opening yourself to a beauty that excites
your deepest reverence.

who knows, but i have felt pain in the past so maybe that
means i'll be gettin' some in the near future. for all the
ladies out there, the flava sava will be shaved off on
sunday...i know it's sad but all good things come to an
end :)

here's a song i haven't heard in a while but it's lyrics
are strangely appropriate:

i heard you crying loud
all the way across town
you've been searching for that someone
and it's me out on the prowl
as you sit around feeling sorry for yourself

don't get lonely now
and dry your whining eyes
i'm just roaming for the moment
sleazin' my back yard so don't get
uptight you been thinking about ditching me

no time to search the world around
'cause you know where i'll be found
when i come around

i heard it all before
so don't knock down my door
i'm a loser and a user
so i don't need no accuser
to slag me down because i know i'm right

so go do what you like
make sure you do it wise
you may find out that yourself
doubt means nothing was ever there
you can't go forcing something
if it's just not right