my life...over all
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2001-10-26 21:45:07 (UTC)

sup dude?

well last time i wrote i think i had just left RA and i
wasn't in SF just yet. well i am now and i luv it. it's
really pretty cool. i like totally have the bigget crush on
this one guy named rick. he's so0o0 hot! OMG.....he's on
the baseball team and talk about lookin good. i just wish
he'd ask me out sometime's like totally
different.......the hallways R like majorly crowded all the
time and it's real noisy.....(just how i like it) and we
have so much feedom. it's alot better. i get home @ like 3
instead of 5:15 and theres so0o0o many ppl. u can talk to
or meet. i never new it was gonna be like this. we always
called it sped ford cuz no1 liked it. but now i yell @ ne1
who calls it that. LoL