my thoughts
2001-03-14 18:28:43 (UTC)

Well I got a letter from a..

Well I got a letter from a reader today , it amazes me how
people can share similer life stories. I love to hear from
other people, sometimes the best advice is given to you
from a stranger. yesterday Josh did come over at about 5 i
woke up at 4, it surpriesed me because i didnt expect him
there , i went to work last night and ended up getting sick
all night. I am shaking alot probaly from my nervs and my
blood pressure is really high. for an 18 year old i sure
have alot of
Today i came home to sleep and slept 2 hours and i have
to go to work tonight. im going to be so tired. I have
been thinking alot about life in general today. just how
quickly i have grown up and how I miss the running naked
through my moms house and playing with my barbies. no
worries , heck love wasnt something i even knew about. boys
had cooties remember!lol. I want life to be that easy
again, its getting harder as i get older and i am afrais i
wont be able to make it on my own. i have depended on my
adopted mom for alot and i feel that i wont be able to make
it when i have tomove out. i mean i have been married and
everything and i made it but i was with someone, what
happens when i have noone? my biggest fears are dying alone
and being like my bialogical mom. i never want that to
happen, my real mom is on prescription pain pills really
bad. and my real dad was in jail for the longest time for
drugs. I just want to lead a good clean life that people
can look at me and say "hey, theres a good honest girl"
maybe it will happen who
well guess i need to go to bed , i amgetting sick again .
ill write again tommarow