Tucker's Personal Log
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2001-10-26 21:21:48 (UTC)

A Good Night's Sleep - Stardate 10110.26

The following entry is rated "CO12HHTSA" for "Children Over
12 have heard this Shhh...tuff already."

Begin Log.

Last night was the best night of sleep I've had in
months...just under 14 hours! Yay! I'm glad I bombed out
of that terrible Halloween Masqurade before wasting any
more of my time...It really sucked ass. I can't believe I
wasted 7 dollars on the damn thing...sure hope the money
goes to a good cause...because it certainly didn't go to
bringing me any fun. The music was rap/hip-hop (which I am
just short of loathing...depending on the artist and the
song's obscurity), and the company was medioacre at best.
Everyone I would consider having fun with was
elsewhere...getting bombed off their asses. My roommate
Alex, for example, who woke me up (I still can't figure out
how...perhaps it was the pure reak of pot eminating from
his clothing) at 2 in the morning. Didn't matter in the
long run though...I got my sleep! Thank gods.

Yesterday was, like I often will call a weekday (unless it
becomes extra special), okay. Classes were classed...had a
test in Astronomy (94, no problem), went over Z-scores in
Statistics (which people are beginning to get...thank god
they can be taught something!). The only high point was
going to the Howard Street presentation...excellently
done. I was very impressed...and very touched. I noticed
that I was feeling a little confined emotionally at the
beginning (trying to hold back, which I usually don't
believe in...I'm not sure why I did it), but towards the
end my heart was calling out - the way it should be.

Adn then there's Megan...who is really pissing me