Interesting you ask.. I think not!!! ;)
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2001-03-14 18:09:48 (UTC)

Well, hello! This is a strange..

Well, hello!
This is a strange thing for me to do, but I feel like
messing around after a long and boring day at school!
Because this is my first entry, I'll start off by telling
you who I am!
I am a 16 yr old girl called Jessica! I live in
Peterborough, England. I go to a school called The King's
School Peterborough (hello to anyone that goes there or
knows me :P ) Well, I hate the school and am leaving in
order to go to Stamford College in September! I can't wait!
I have two brothers, Ben & Nathan, and I live with my mum.

Well, enough about me now.. I think I'll talk about my
school today!
King's is a Church of England School, and it sucks beyond
belief! Although many people think it is a posh school, and
that we are all rich buggers with nothing better to do than
our homework, and kneeling beside our beds at night praying
for salvation (no offence intended to the people that do
that!).. we do infact lead very normal lives like very
normal people.. I personally hate the school, and wish I
wasn't there! I am not a religious person, and I hate the
homework and never do it if I can help it!! I am not rich,
although I would like to think I am rich in other areas!
But anyway, my school is crap, and that's about it.. Many
people may say that I am just saying this to try and be
cool, and 'in' with the 'crowd' but I have no intention of
lying about my true feelings..and I know that is not why I
am saying this! I have disliked the school since year 9,
and the only reason I go to school is to see my friends and
to get the grades so that I can leave to go to college.

You must be thinking that I am a thoroughly depressing
person at the mo,eh?! Well I must say I do have interests,
such as Martial Arts (Kung Fu, Kickboxing), but I can't
keep the classes going until I've left the damned school!
But the good thing is.. I've only got 6 1/2 weeks left!!
Study leave is starting for my GCSE's!!! WOOOOOOOO!
But that is also bloody scary! My future is starting in 6
1/2 weeks..and it is important that I do well so I feel
good for myself!

But anyway, I've probably bored you to death with my
complaints about my school life enough! So I think I'll
leave you with 2 comments that I love to say:

1) It's your life, you do what you want with it.. never let
anyone tell you how to lead your life because that is up to
you to decide!

2) Life's a bitch and then you die!

Well, enjoy yourselves while you can, cos you only have one
life (or do we?!)Take all oppertunities that come your way
cos you might not get them again!


Jess xx aka. Ninja! ;)