wOrlD iN mY eYeS.
2001-10-26 20:46:56 (UTC)

WILL I EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is October 26,2001

Well I got up this morning around 7:39 AM .

It seemed so cloudy and yet so quiet for being that time .

Hmm ok where do I began Im 24 yrs old just got let go of

a job that I really did enjoy and was starting to get the

feel for it and the people.Just like everything that's let

me down now this so called sales position down......Down

Ok details: Iv'e been dating this guy for sometime to be

exact five months.We've been practically everyday together

ever since i got back from Turkey No im not turkish but yes

I did go for love and it seems my feelings were'nt the

same anymore .So when i got back from turkey I then found

this funny cute smart guy i mean he's no Jude Law but I
thought hmmm.......

He'll do ,so anyways since June 05,01 ive been with him
well officially june 14,01 .

But see ok this is the catch he's 32 he's persian and uh
smokes( pot) all day Im like UGG.......OK tHAT THE catch I hate

So anyways he's like oh no were friends and blah blah and basically
Im like ok were friends but were everyday together huh doesnt make
sense.Ok this is the thing he's like well i need a persian girl and
etc...So im like what the heck hes weird cause he's always calling me
and needs me by his side and stuff.....SO to cut my story short IT'S
FRIDAY and im single and im young and im going
out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))....................... bYE......