2001-10-26 20:27:21 (UTC)

Still got the blus

I woke up this morning, still saddened. I dont know why it
is that I feel so out to lunch so to speak. Its like I am
watching my life pass me by, yet I am not participating in
it. Just watching.
The more I learn, the more I realise there is so much
more out there that i dont know. Things, I myself will
never understand. And maybe, just maybe I dont want to
understand it. I just want to be naive and innocent , not
living life..yeah that would be sweet.

the air i breahte is heavy on my lungs
to scared to scream, to yell for help
to tired to fight
i am not gonna win
givin up
letting go
giving in
take me , break me.
it doesnt matter anymore.
my life a sad song
wking up seeing god
go to sleep aint that hard
being me hurts to much
and hear it is i end my song.

i dont knwo what else to say.......