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2001-10-26 19:57:44 (UTC)


10.26.01 (( 3.46 pm
ahhhjgmdsfkmdsf i forgot to do some entries the past few
days... oh well i have a life ya know. omg steven likes
isa...i was so torn apart. on the bus the girls were
talking about how show offy (lmao) isa is. then aaron heard
it and he was like "you better not tell steven that he
likes isa" i didnt say anything. i didnt cry. i didnt
scream. i didnt look at him. today in soccer in gym
steven was like "go isa over here" la lalasklkd it was so
fawking annoying. but um. i dont care. hes a retart. i can
chose to be single all my life. its not like anyone wants
to ask me out anyway. i dont care. so um dont start with
that stuff with me.

anyway today in hacs i made cinnamon snails! theyre these
little bread things rolled up with cream cheese inside um
and they were dipped in butter and then rolled in cinnimon
and sugar. they were deeeelish! okay well um UM UM
UM....what else. carrie likes nathan p (i dunno if i told
you this already) and like jennifer heard and now now now
jennifer keeps giving nathan hints and like its so
annoying.. lol carries like "if she comes within 2 feet
from him im going to kill her" lol...i personally think
nathan knows. lol auntie tracey and unclie al is coming
tomorrow. we be going on hayrides lol. im still going to
go trick OR tricking... i dont know why. its just um well
you get free candy. last year i even got like pennies and
quarters. i mean like erm... i dont want to miss out on
this opportunity cause um not everyday you get to go out at
night getting free candy and junk. still gonna be
careful though and check every single piece of candy i
have. on the news they said if there was a tiny pin hole in
the candies we prolly wouldnt see it. theres this candy
checkin x ray thingy to check candy. so if youre scared to
go trick or treating you should go at one of those places
and check yer candy. for one i know im gonna prolly not go,
just gonna check every angle of my candy for anything. ahh
enough of that.

oh ohoohfkdfsa...i think i feel like bee and linda are
ignoring me.. lindas info:

BeE LiNnIe

~!ish da boom boom!~

Jesse Linda

wheres the name summer? or at least rachel? i dont know.
but at the same time i feel like im ignoring them. i
probably havent talked to them much. but im not really on
the computer anymore. sure its cool and stuff. but um i
dont feel like it. and i dont think you should hate me for
my decisions.

hmaksdmklmsda........oh yea im going to make up a new
language. lmao....yea...YEA im gonna be famous too...and im
gonna be put in SOCIAL STUDIES TEXT BOOKS! lmao im
retarted. but ill do it someday. it might take me till the
end of my life.... but then ill pass the job on tew me
grand kids... lmao yea yea like i said im retarted... okay
er.... gotsa go eat something now...


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