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2001-03-14 16:01:13 (UTC)

I consider myself honest but I..

I consider myself honest but I am not faithful to my

I think I am a good hearted person but I'm starting to
believe without a lil evil in your blood, you dont get to

I see in the mirror that I'm a good looking but I know that
ugly people make themselves beautiful in my eyes.

I calculate fast arithmatic equations(and always get the
right answer) but I wish I could play the guitar or write a
poem that would make you cry.

I say I'm a worm person but sometimes the feeling are kept
frozen inside of me.

I'm getting older but the I still wanna play outside with
the kids from next door.

sometimes I just hate myself so much I feel like beating
sometimes I love myself so much I feel that god must be

hey... dont you dare moving to another diary! hey!! I crap
bigger than you!!!!

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