2001-10-26 18:00:57 (UTC)


OK.. Um.. yeah I'm still grounded..I tried you know, But it
wasn't working like it was supposed to, bu that's ok. I
don't mind. Umm... I think I need to find a new job!!!!!!!
That's all about that..
Onto my main focus and all that fun stuff---
James is wonderful and I know that, He's genuine he really
is but I think the more time I spend with him, the more I
don't like him... I was thiniking the other day well last
night that I think that it would be really had for me to be
with James because he has all these great like quality's
and like the more I look at him I realize that all his
wonderful qualitys and everything that I like about him I
like in a "we're friends kind of way" and that is so
strange for me to say that, because I like James and I have
liked him for a long time. I don't know. I don't know what
I think anymore.

Um.. Denise is moving to Columbus. I don't realy want her
to but who's choice is this you know. Well she's going so
she can finish school because she can't stop skipping
school. I don't think that's right you know. I think that
she could stop sipping if she really wanted to you know.
going to class isn't that hard you just go you know but she
was saying that it's so hard to skip at the school she's
going to be going to beacuse it's like on the highway and
all that and the only way that you can skip out there is if
you have a car and all that, but over like 3 or 4 months
we've become really good friends and I don't want her to go
I'm gonna miss her.. and I don't do that very well.. But
one good thing is ROss will be driving soona and James and
Jim drive and guess like every weekend and go see her and
that will be good away from the rents you know!!!!