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2001-10-26 17:55:22 (UTC)

in the mood...

this is cool...i'm in computers again and we have new
computers...they rock!

the mood that i was in last night stayed with me. i feel
great...i think it's because of the shower that i
was a long shower and it relaxed me. i felt clean. i felt
like all my worries were washed away...i know that this
sounds weird but it's true.

i went to sleep last night calm and relaxed. not worried
that i would turn in my paper late today. not worried about
tonights homecoming game. nothing on my mind except that i
would see my boyfriend soon. in my dreams or in real life?
i was positive that i would see him.

no worries, no cares. why can't it always be like this? a
day without upsetting any body. a day without anything to
cry about. i wish that things could be this way.

i thought that my mood would be ruined after second period
because i made a bunch of mistakes with my paper that was
due yesterday. i messed up a lot. i forgot to save a big
part of it. i had to retype what i remembered and it was
way too short...i told the teacher what had happend and he
said that it was fine and that we'd work from there. i left
that class feeling like a dumbass but i went to nutrition
and i didn't even care about it any more. i got something
done and turned in, that took a lot off my shoulders.

i have been thinking a lot about my boyfriend today. and
everything that i have thought about was positively happy.
i hope we can see eachother tomarrow. if we do, i can't
wait to see him. if not, i might have to wait until
halloween...monday, we'll have been together for a month
and i'm glad that it's lasted. he has been great and i
don't want to lose him. i have so much fun with him...i
don't think that i can see myself ever not loving him. he's
my match. :)

today is going by really well...i'm in the perfect mood.
we'll see how the rest of my day goes.