All on the table
2001-03-14 14:19:18 (UTC)

I thought vacations were a way..

I thought vacations were a way to relieve stress...
apparently not in my family.

Yesterday morning, I got up at 7:30, turned on the laptop
and checked my email. I left all the lights off, which
made it difficult to type, but I thought I was being
sensitive to those still sleeping. Apparently, I'm not
sensitive enough - I got fussed at for typing too loud...

This morning, by the way, when the wife gets up at 8:00,
she turns on several sets of lights. And *I* am

Back to yesterday - since the day was overcast, we ran an
errand; a 45-minute drive through downtown traffic to a
music store my wife wanted to visit. Spend an hour and a
half there, then decided to drop by a mall for lunch. More
heavy traffic, and plenty of opportunity to explain how I
am unable to pick a good parking space. I started into
three spaces before we came to one she liked. Next time,
dear, just let me drop you off at the damn door so I can
park in peace.

After lunch, they decided we'd go see a movie - just about
my least favorite thing to do. The movie, by the way, was
The Mexican, with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts - it tried to
be an action film, a comedy film, and a relationship film
and it failed at all three.

More traveling criticisms followed. I knew I had another
45-minute drive to get to the movie theater. "But why are
you rushing - it won't take that long." "Don't you think
we ought to get gasoline?" "I know you think the map says
we need to take that exit, but shouldn't we ask someone"
"Where is this road leading to?" "Oh, look, there's a sign
for the mall where the theaters are - they say to take exit
12 - what exit number were you taking?" "Well, you knew
what you were doing this time - exit 12 is the one you were
going to take" "Why is there all this traffic?" "Oh, my,
we are just going to make it in time." OK, this time, just
get off at the drop off and give me one minute of silence,
will you?

Nice thing about a two-hour movie; she won't talk to me
during a film. So why don't I enjoy them more?

Going back to the hotel after the movie, what should have
been a 30-minute drive took an hour and fifteen minutes,
because of some road work they were doing - and doing
badly, by the way. Did you know I'm supposed to be an
expert on Florida road work? The first fifty times I have
to answer "I don't know" to a barrage of questions, I get
madder and madder. After about fifty, I drop off into a
funk. "I don't know" - or - "Why would I know that?" - or
- "I have no way of knowing that." I must be just too kind

Dinner was uneventful - I was able to talk them into eating
at the hotel since I had driven more than four hours
yesterday (one trip not included in the list above, if
you're counting...)

Thank goodness for the new camera. That gave me a reason
to load up a roll of film and get the f*** out of earshot
of her. Shot a few rolls, talked with Suzie on the phone -
I miss her so badly - dropped the film off for developing,
and by the time I got back, she was asleep.

I cannot believe I'm spending $200 a night to put myself
through such torture.

I thought the vacation would either improve this marriage
or make it clear how bad it is... it's pretty clear to me.

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