Life's Wonders and Blunders
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2001-10-26 16:05:34 (UTC)

Hello, I m very excited to have..

Hello, I'm very excited to have a diary, i hope to fill it
in when i can. My name is Guy and i live in Perth, a fairly
small city in Australia, a long way away from any other
cities and surrounded by desert and ocean. I'm 18 and i go
to uni, which means i use the computer a lot. I've just
finished a lot of work for my course, which is a major in
film and tv and a minor in journalism.
Right now in film we're doing the theory unit, which means
a lot of writing about lighting and editing and art
direction and other fairly mundane topics. i reckon i write
about 2000 words a week for school, it's amazing to think
just how much that is, how much we're capable of saying
when we're made to. Now i'm going to be saying even more
with this thing. Perhps if i write often enough more
interesting things will happen to me. Not that they don't
Perhaps i should say some things about myself. I love to
write, as you'll probably gather soon. I would like to be a
movie director some day, but i'd probably like to start as
a screenwriter. i write all sorts of things- poems, short
stories, scripts, long tedious e-mails to friends, and now
having a diary is yet another way of writing.
I also likes lots of different types of music, from very
obscure stuff to old stuff to stuff everybody knows. I like
to always look for new things to interest me. I like to
think i'm open-minded about such things.
I'm in a good mood right now and it shows. Sometimes i act
very strangely, such as when i haven't had enough sleep or
something odd's happened to me. hopefully i'll do a few
entries like that just to freak everybody out.
I also like a lot of other things, though i'm not
particularly active. i walk a lot, but usually cos i have
to. I like sports but don't get to play them too often, but
the ones i like are squash, cricket, tennis and sometimes
I don't play computer games at all, luckily, i'd probly end
up a zombie with nothing else to do. mainly i like thinking
about things and doing fun things, when i can. I'm not as
simple as i sound, though, i can get quite weird at times
but right now i'm very subdued. it's midnight in Perth
right now and i've got all my work finished but my friends
haven't so i can't go out with them. but that's ok, cos i
get to write my first diary entry.
ok, that's it for now, i wonder if anybody reads
this...hmmm, i'll do another entry some time on the weekend
i reckon.
bye bye.....

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