Nick's Journal
2001-10-26 15:59:57 (UTC)


Going to BIT is a pain in the ass on fridays anyhow, but
when you have a splitting headache it's definetly not
good. Let's just say I was so hung over this morning that
it hurt to blink. But I just HAD to drink last night.
It's a tradition just like signing the national anthem
before baseball games, or my Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, Sunday 40 oz tradition. I like to keep the good
times rolling. Yet in the mornings I hate myself. This
morning was different though, I decided to balance out the
pain with 3 naproxen sodiums.......the most you should have
in a 12 hour time span is 2 and that's for those that use
it a lot. In other words I don't feel a good god damn
thing. Which is good considering what happened.
At dietrick the topic of discussion was whether or not it
would be pleasant to have a Rhinocerus toss your salad. I
voted no considering that they have rought tongues. I
contemplated tossing the pepper shaker at the old lady
cleaning the tables, and then my bagel started giving me
shit. He got up and tap danced, then he had the nerve of
throwing my cereal in my face. And then it was on. I had
to chase it all the way down to the tray disposal but then
I had it was able to keep me away with a
butter knife for a while but i kept on slathering it in
more, and more of the delicious cream cheese. In the end
it suffocated and I had my breakfast.

So in BIT i sat in the very back and just passed out. My
head hurt so badly. I was awakened by the attendance sheet
being thrust in my face. As I took the paper I seriously
wondered what it woudl be like to roll it up and smoke some
crack with it. Anyhow BIT went over uneventful. But a
cycloptic B.O. monster sat down next to me half way through
the class. I kept on playing Keep on rocking in teh free
world over and over in my head to block out the smell. And
then the naproxen sodium mixed with my hangover. A
brontosaurus came in and ate the the b.o. monster, and the
class let out. I was about to make it out when I noticed
that the overhead projector giving me a funny look. Now I
would have let it slide but then it had the nerve to trip
me up with it's cord and blind me! That was it, it was on
like donkey kong. I broke off the neck part and started
wailing on the slide part. I threw it off the cart and did
an elbow drop, ha, I showed that son of a bitch, the next
class room he goes to had better have a ramp, cos his
walking days are over.

But now I'm so tired I just want to sleep. I tried to wake
myself up by doing some situps and two pairs of boxers
later I noticed that the CNS isn't the only thing naproxen
sodium stimulates. Anyhow......good night.