hello kitty cat
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2001-10-26 15:37:48 (UTC)

Yeah so right...

I thought I was going to stop writing but I'm too I am going to write about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Happy happy. Mikenotdan just said he is an incubus. hehe.
I'm in the mood to clean..I was last night too..I actually
cleaned my room..not all the way but enough...I was too
tired to finish. It's funny I thought...OK Kelly! Jason is
with shonee so you should go to sleep early because you
don't sleep anymore...and so I was about to go to sleep
when I thought I'd put my clothes away..and then I didn't
stop cleaning lol...I ended up staying up later than I
usually do once I again I got like 3 hours of
sleep...I woke up know what?? I don't even really
remember waking up..I just remember Katy coming over and
all that. I wish I could play guitar right now. I'm going
to start trying again...with guitar. I felt like shit about
how I was doing as far as guitar...I need it though..

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