hello kitty cat
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2001-10-26 15:31:22 (UTC)

mornings are always so long....

So now I'm in photo. I haven't done my project yet so I
have nothing to do. My sound card isn't even installed in
my computer yet so I can't even listen to the new
Incubus...I'm listening to some goth music thingo that this
guy Corey is playing....It's kinda nice though. I talked to
lindsey bond last period about moving into her apartments.
She said that she could get the rent down to $600 a
month..but that's still a lot. I guess it's not a lot for
all if offers...I mean it's so even has a
balcony over looking the lake. It would be nice to live
there. I'm thinking maybe I could live there in like 5
months with a roommate or two. I'd like to live with
Jason..but then we'd probably need another roommate. And
plus if I lived with Jason...I don't think I'd ever get
anything because I'd constantly want to
have sex with him lol...cause I'm a big loser. But that's
OK right???? hahha. I am so peppy today..hahaha. God I'm
bored. hmm....

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