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2001-10-26 14:45:30 (UTC)

Listen Up peeps!

I am writing today cuz I am tired of the shit people give
out. You know that we have to start loveing and caring
about others. EVEN THE PEOPLE WE ARE AT WAR WITH! I write
poems about love, but sometimes I wonder why? Why do you
write it when there are so many people with closed minds
and that don't give a damn about others. Well guess what
peeps, one of these days you might need that person would
you hate or diss. The human race is not about skin color,
hair, clothes, race, religion, or ethnic background...Human
race is about learning to love one another, live side by
side in unity, stand up for what is right, sharing and
accepting others beliefs. We sit here today fighting for a
country that was founded on life, liberty, justice and
freedom. We don't we make this country worth fighting for.
People are hurting because some one has told them they are
no good, or shot their mother because she was black, or
killed a store keeper becuase he was from middle east..
what is that? This country is not about what can I do for
me... It's about letting others live here in peace, to
enjoy the freedom to be black, to be Muslim, or to have the
best doctors, where in the other countries they did not
have such privialliges. We need to stand up and do what's
right, make this country live up to it's name. Make this
country worth living in. Please people, put your
differenaces aside, reach out and help another, stand up
for a person that is being discrimanated against. Fight for
our rights, our rights as human beings.