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2001-10-26 14:31:18 (UTC)

How I got here...

Two men got me to this point, and I thank them for it. One
of them is a media officer for the US marines (DearJohn)
and the other a bright spark computer guy from nearer home -

DearJohn writes the crunchiest, real, look-at-me-when-I'm-
talking-to-you kind of reports on his life, which regularly
have me speechless, wondering and occasionally tearful.
When he writes or when he chats (yes, on very fortunate
days we chat in real time over the net) he makes me feel
what a prison privacy is. He creates - no - he recreates
moments, places and people with words. No lies, no hiding
behind style, just cleverly offering those details that
make it possible to join him where he was, perfectly, like
falling into the movie.

During this summer when I went offline totally for a while,
I still got his emails. I had to come back to imitate his
courage and his freedom. I want what he has found. He
offered to be partner with me in my adventure, which is

And Craig, the computer genius, this very morning said I
should write a book of my life, and call it CyberAngel. He
is not the first to suggest it, and I suppose I am
flattered. He told me about this site, and I saw what he
was offering. But I don't see the opportunity as a chance
for my ego to thrive. The opposite! a chance to break
through the polite smiles and patronising small talk to
something where being real is something you earn, something
worth having. This is where I can live my inner life with
the lights on, so real people can give me real responses

If you would like the background to where I am coming from,
read my potted biography, and see a pic or two of me on my
website: http://www.easygirlUK.com.

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