My Life
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2001-10-26 13:10:38 (UTC)

What a wonderful affirmation...

The affirmation today says, " I am discovering how wonderful
I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself." Isn't that
wonderful and apropos? I constantly seem to realize things
about myself and most of the time they are positive. I do
love myself, although there are things I want to change. But
today, I love myself for who I am. I hope that doesn't sound
conceited because it shouldn't. We all should be able to
feel good about ourselves and take care of ourselves.
Sometimes I have to be my best friend.
The dr. didn't see anything wrong with my ear or throat
which is good, but the chiro saw some virus in my body so I
don't know why I haven't been feeling good. He adjusted my
neck and I did not wake up with the headache! I'm so
I talked to Terry last night but he didn't mention anything
about plans for dinner. So i'm going to see what happens, he
isn't back in town yet so maybe that is why, he wants to see
when he'll get back in town. But I feel more confident
today. Terry and I did discuss meeting earlier in the day
and I was honest and told him I was scared to meet him, he
asked why and I told him because I like him so much and what
if "we" don't like eachother in person? He said, he wasn't
worried about it, he likes me and wants to meet me, then he
admitted that he's scared too or made some comment about his
knees knocking! I should realize that it may be just as
difficult for a guy in that situation.
If I don't hear from Terry I'm going to a Margarita party at
a local mexican restaurant with a cousin. She invited me
last night. That would be fun. We also mentioned that if I
hit it off with Terry, maybe we'd both join her at the
Margarita party.
So glad today is friday. Yesterday I got into an argument
with a guy co-worker right in front of our boss. It was loud
talking and angry and it was something that needed to
happen. My boss wanted us all to talk about it right there
and then and that was good, he did a good job diffusing the
situation. And he backed me up, explained that I had a right
to get upset, which pissed him off. So we'll see how he acts
from here.
Happy Friday!