aris' thoughts
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2001-10-26 13:10:38 (UTC)

when it rains it pours

my Mistress, Your pet is writing entry from moms this
morning before cleaning for the reason of, pet is fearful
You may not be pleased over last night and even tho my
reason is in Your email, thought i had better write here as

after leaving Mistress yesterday with Her command of
cooking with my clamps on my nipples planted firmly in my
mind i took my daughter to girl scouts. now my normal
routine on Thursday evenings is take her and drop her off ,
return home to cook dinner and then go pick her back up at
730 and she eats when she gets home. i did not get off
schedule last night, returned home ran upstairs to get my
clamps and attatched them changed my shirt to an oversized
one so that noone in the house would notice and with as
strait face as possible went back downstairs to start
cooking. i seem to subconsiously move slower when clamped
and without realizing it avoid certain things as to not
pull or tugg the chain that hangs between my tits but
bending to get the pots out from understove my arms did put
pressure on the chain so much that i let out a lil
whimper.. looked over my shoulder at the hubby and sweat
instantly formed , i must have had a look on my face cause
he asked what was wrong. i told him that i shut my finger
in the door, this excited me to know that my Mistress
secret almost became unvaled and i felt Her gripping at my
nipples fiercely now i could feel my jeans becomming damp
at my crotch and the torment had begun. the heat from the
stove become almost unbearable rising up on my forceablly
hard nipples and time seemed to go sooo slow waiting for
dinner to get done, i made ckn parm over spaghetti. i got
lost in thinking of Mistress and humming one of the songs
from the webpages She has made for U/us and next thing i
new hubby says , omg you gotta go NOW shes out of scouts it
was 726 and a 10 min drive so without thinking ran out of
house *still clamped* and drove to get her, in front of her
friends, her scout leaders, under the oversized tshirt i
wore my Mistress had a firm grip of my nipples, pinching
them, making them throb both in agony and delight and i am
sure if the shirt was not as long as it is, the now
obviously wet between my crotch would have been visable for
all to see. when i got home he surprisingly had dished out
dinner and my son helped him set the taable a nice surprise
in deed. i went to bathroom to release the clamps. i knew
it would hurt but never being clamped for almost two hours
before did not know how much it would hurt. they burned and
throbbed and the worse part was they still felt clamped
even tho they werent and when i let my shirt fall back over
them it felt like it was rubbing raw skin with sandpaper.
it was that moment i knew i would have the priveledge of
feeling my Mistress for more than a few hours. we ate
dinner and then a real fast shower for my girl and off to
bed for the kids. for some reason B felt scared last night
she didnt know why or what of but she cried and cried and
begged me lay down with her it was 8 15 and i thought ok so
i lay down with her and get up when she falls to sleep to
come to Mistress, but, i fell fast to sleep and did not
make it to Mistress at all. i woke at 330 am and feeling my
nipples sore was an immediate reminder that i had not shown
for Mistress and immediately went to email Her. and go back
o bed. so here i am 915 am still feeling Mistress in my
sore to touch nipples and tormented wet aching cunt not
sure of what to expect on this day.