Savage Garden
2001-10-26 11:56:46 (UTC)

The Dancing Lobster!

I'm used to going on and on with just about any topic, but
this entry is for him!

The Dancing Lobster!

Last night I was RP on the computer with my girls and what
pops up on the t.v is a man ( obviously ) dressed in a beat
red lobster outfit, rapping as he does a dance. ( Which, if
you ask me, looked like he had the biggest wedgy and was
picking at it. ) He then stopped, looked at a man walking
past and went, 'OH SNAP! Those are fly homie! Where'd you
get um'?' And the man looked at him ( aka the lobster),
shook his head and went, 'FREAK!' and walked away. The
lobster lowered his head and then said, 'I wish I could shop
the greatest dancing lobster!' Then he smiled, turned into a
man and walked into the store.....shortly after he emurged
with bags, dancing and singing the stores name. ( Which I
DON'T remember, which pisses me off! )

And that there is the dancing lobster commercial, and I tell
you.....I want a dancing lobster!

And another thing, I stared at my bestfriend Magda last
night after she said,' I bet you can't get your tongue
inside that bottle.' That more or less was her telling me to
do it. I of coarse NEVER learn from anything I do, or so
says she.

So I stuck my tongue inside the whole of the bottle, pushing
and pushing until finally it got in.....and stuck!

I screamed with the bottle dangling from my tongu and
boydidit hurt!

There sat Magda, laughing her head off as I shook my head
from side to side, hand on the bottle now nad yanking.

Now I was typing as I panicked, becuase as Isaid I was RP,
so as I was RP, for like 20 mins I sat there with the damn
thing on my tongue until the pain was so bad I relaxed and
pulled it off slowly.


The bottle came off and my tongue was throbing in sheer
pain, but I was ok! No trip to the E.R for me last night!

Ok I think thats enough rambling for one day!