Chick Vicious

Kid Vicious Chick
2001-10-26 11:11:24 (UTC)

An Interesting Day

Today was basicly like any other day....but with a few
suprises. First of all, I found out that Damien, my
boyfriend of (almost) 3 months, told one of my best friends
that he thinks he loves me...which is sweet since we're
only 14....and that later on, before we kissed, he said he
loved me. He's the best boyfriend i've EVER had. And he
told Mel, he'll NEVER pressure me into ANYTHING I don't
wanna do. He's sooooooo much better than Luke. I mean, the
guy would rather play cricket than be with his girlfriend.
What a fag. I feel sorry for Skye. And then there's Simone.
My bestest buddy EVER. We went to see The Princess Diary's
tonight and she was wishing she had a boyfriend. I wish
Aidan would go out with her. They deserve each other.
Hopefully it will be nice tomorrow coz me & Sim are having
a 'girls bonding session' at the beach. In other words,
talking about hot guys, (aka Damien & Aidan), eating,
singing, that sorta stuff. I kissed Damien 4 times today.
In a space of hmmm....about 20 minutes. A record I'd say.
For me anyway. Well I totally Love Damien and I feel so
sorry for the girls that have ditched him. He really knows
how to treat a girl. well i'm gonna go now.
Check ya L8er & Peace out.