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2001-10-26 09:05:29 (UTC)

One More Day, Hurray!

Dear Diary:
One more day and I am off to see my Honey-Bear.
One more day. One more day. I am out of here to
the Metra station and into Aurora.

We are going to get our pictures taken a Walmart.
I think I am going to order us some Christmas cards
and send them out to Friends for Presents.

I am going to teach my honey-bear how to be
a naughty boy just like me and I am very naughty
girl. Because Naughty girls and boys have more fun
in life.

He will like it. Hey, we only live once and live
with it zesto.

My honey is so sweet. My girlfriend, Carolann
says he is "yummy" and my other gf, Christina
says "puke". She got religion in her. ugh!
Now it is just Carolann and I.

We share the same title: Bitch. Oh well, I was
born before her in June of 1955 and she was born
in October of 55. I came first.

Well, I am getting a head start with my journal
entrys to day as I am tired and I have to go
to Walmart this morning and buy this neat red or
black sweater with a faux fur collar.

So, see ya later everyone and have a nice day.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne

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