Polymorphic Mind State(36th Chamber)
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2001-10-26 09:04:37 (UTC)

Intro or How NOT to Be a True Monk

ok lets get this straight.
im not a big fan of transformation prosesses.
all this endless rambling on about how we all need
to just shut up and take this constant stream of
self-help manuals and dietary supps in order to be more
actualized humans.
to me this whole thing that oh sooo many of us call
life can be summed in 2 words
Be Nice
i get so frustrated thinking about the state of mankind all
day long.
i used to smoke an insane amount of medicinal herb
now i just think...
if i didnt think that my fragile little mind was already
warped beyond repair id just chalk it up to psychosis
and be done with it all....
no such luck though
im sitting in a house filled to the brim with people that
i call friends and i still feel alone...and empty

but thats the funny thing. no matter how alone i feel
i still find myself throwing myself headlong into the
affairs of all the matter-energy constructs i meet...
it like randall said in clerks "i hate people,but i love
gatherings. funny huh?".
well that just what GOD has in store for me.
im not mad or anything
just fondling my own synapses looking for truth
one day but maybe not today.

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