What's the point!
2001-10-26 06:08:11 (UTC)

ya and I know this one is long.. but who cares LOL I dont really control it ;)

When this song plays I cant help but think,
Why it means so much more now then the day I sang it,
It was never mine the words just seemed to be so true,
You were meant for me, the words seemed to be calling you,
I passed what I heard, replaced with my voice,
The day I heard it, later sang it, then gave it to you,
Those words reached a place in your heart as well,
When you heard my voice calling those words,
You realized from that moment I was meant for you,
So when this song comes up it means more now, than it did,
Not only were those words that made us realize,
For me it was love at first glance into your eyes,
For you it was when the camera first came on, you saw...
Even when we first started writting I knew,
I never expected I just knew, The feelings I got were too
intense, so strong, so new!!
We kept in touch then we saw into eachothers eyes,
Saw how we could make the other one smile with the words we
typed, the faces we made,
Then we heard eachothers didnt take long,
Soon we were on the phone talking...I was nervous..
We have felt so much , done so much, planned so much,
Faster.. in such little time, just going with the moment,
Following our hearts is what we did from the bigging:)
We actually did it, then when we were finally together,
We just held eachother, kissed eacother,
Always like it was brand new, but not like it was unfamilar
We just did what the other one wanted without knowing,
We just said what the other one needed to hear, not knowing
Never did we expect, for this to go like this,
For most it may seem to sudden to fast, maybe even to good,
It's not true, that somethign is too good to be true,
Because our love is so good better than good perfect,
if perfect is too good to be true, then we beat the odds,
Nothing I have ever seen, done, heard of has been so strong
Movie magic I guess, but so true! somethign you never
thought would happen, but it just does...
*sigh* I cant believe how lucky we are:)
The shiver I still get, Butterflys on cam,
Never gonan leave me, there here forever thats what I think
going to be the most amazing thing in about 20 us
looking at eachother feeling the exact way we do now...
Sounds strange saying when Im 42 I'll be looking at Matt
when I wake up....and I would have for 20 years..
You know what It all sounds way to perfect for me :)
I just want Matt with me through all I have to encounter,
And he wants me there as well, *sniff* *sniff*
Whoa I just got this amazing feeling all over my body and
the tears in my eyes to prove it, I am so thankful for the
Love I have found, the man I shall share my life with,
The life I have been handed, If I had to go tommorow,
I would have been happy having all I ever really wanted,
To pass my blood onto beautiful Hannah
Enjoyed the things around me, been at peace with myself,
and to be loved and to love someone who I could die for,
My life has been complete already, I am just so lucky to
have much more:) many years..maybe one more life.....
I am very lucky, I am very proud, and I will never forget:)
What I have been blessed with already :)