Nick's Journal
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2001-10-26 05:56:10 (UTC)

Invinciblity and Immortality

Why do we want friends? What is it with them? Why do we
have BEST friends and acquaintances? What's the
difference? The difference is invincibility. My # 1s. I
hang out with them, we talk, and our psycholgy destroys
society. There are no restrictions, together we can
destroy contraints, and we achieve freedom. Our friends are
our freedom. They are the difference, the maringality of
our freedom. They give us the freedom we are no longer
able to achieve through ourselves. Our self-confidence
only gets us so far, we all need a boost. We all need to
fall back into the waiting arms of a friend after we've
fallen backwards when our self-confidence is destroyed. So
that's the secret behind frats. We have friends, friends to
whom we are bound thanks to the excruciating prices we pay
to join their elite club and gain invinciblity from. Those
sweaters with the GREEK letters are the same as
Superman's "S" they symbolize invincibility.

Immortality can not be achieved, or more importantly, why would you
want to achieve it? Do you really want to live forever? Enjoyment
can only go so far. I quantify it like any good business major
would. What's left? The future. The future is un-predictable, as
much as you'd like to think it's predictable. Who knows what will
happen. Loneliness for one. So why invicibility if one doesn't want
immortality? Simply because our immortality lies within our
invincibilty. For those few hours that you hang out with your best
friend you are invincible, and you are immortal. Nothing can hurt
you, you can't lose your potential. Why do you think college student
are regarded as those with the most potential? We make more friends
now than ever, our potential increases, and we are regarding as
idiots for our laissez faire view on life. Our arrogance lies in our
potential. Despised for our love for life. Despised for our
irresponsiblity with life due to our disillusions of potential. We
can not die, so therefore we are invincible and immortal. It's
through our belief in our potential that we win, if you don't feel
this during college, then you never will..........your sunday evening
has arrived and your death awaits you on monday. But you can always
recall your friday nights and how much potential the weekend of your
life had. Or better yet, you can work hard through the saturday
and friday nights of your life to achieve the satisfaction of work
well done on the monday morning of your life. Or better
yet. Work through your friday night and have fun through your
saturday night. That way no matter what happends the sunday night of
your life you've gotten the best of both worlds, and the rest is luck.

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