changing lanes
2001-10-26 05:24:55 (UTC)


ok siince i last wrote anything my whole story has flipped.
I went on a business vacation and yes B works with me. We
went to Six Flags NJ for six days and five nights. I think
i wrote about my crush for him previously but if not you
should know that I couldn't WAIT for this trip. We were
inseperable the entire trip and the last night there we
both had a few drinks and got a little flirtatious but we
never crossed any lines until.......the next morning when I
got locked out of my room and he said I could go to his
room and smoke somethin with him. I was exhausted so I
layed on the bed and smoked while he showed me the crazy
stuff he found in the yellow pages. I turned over and layed
on my side and he ended up putting his arm around me. I
held his hand and we fell asleep. I woke up kissing him and
(OH MY GOD) was running through my mind until the phone
rang. Anyway since the moment he touched me I have been
really feeling him and the crazy part is that hes steves
friend and (was) our roomate! Since then though steve
choked me during an argument, I kicked him out, he left
town, violated his probation and finally after stealing my
rent money went to IOwa to be with the ugliest girl u have
ever seen (i saw her picture today) that he met over the
internet. B and I are still together even though were both
still struggling our way out of previous relationships we
have chosen to keep our affair a secret for a while. we
still live together and steve is on house arrest at his
moms house. I know your wondering how a nice girl like
me gets caught up in such tremendous bullshit---well so do
I damnit but I really am feelin hiM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!