Foretold destiny

Chosen fate, Drowning Eden
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2001-10-26 05:03:43 (UTC)

Answer to the Question of the day

"what is love? in my opinion people look at love and they
see just an emotion, a feeling you get inside. but if you
ask me it's just as much, if not more, not just a feeling,
but an action. it takes work. it's compromise and
understanding and acceptance. to love somebody you must
embrace everything about them. most people just look at
what they like and don't pay attention to anything else.
but if you love somebody, you have to love everything about
them. their flaws and shortcomeings, all have to be things
you love about them.
and that's the hard part. getting that warm and fuzzy
feeling inside that people call love, that's the easy part,
the enfatuation. the true love is grand, but it takes work."

Thankyou to whoever sent this to me.