2001-10-26 04:26:25 (UTC)

time for sleep.

i cant remember who spoke last.
and i know i dont know which stone was cast.
but you know
i guess that really doesnt matter now...
does it.
its funny how all of this works.
how all of the hurt.
can be covered eventually.
i dont know where i am right now.
and i dont know where i have been.
im finding it hard to remember simple things.
like where i put my fucking pen.
and its making me mad.
and youre pissing me off.
and im just this huge ball of anger sometimes.
i have no way to express anything.
nothign about how i feel about you makes sense
and other than that.
im a hit. youre a miss.
violent thoughts.
violet crosses.
a ring of the phone.
a touch of your hand.
i passing glace.
a cheap advance.
youre floating around in this pit of remorse.
of paths not taken.
im screaming my love.
but my throats running hoarse.
and youre running...
youre running off course.