Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-10-26 03:46:28 (UTC)

Whoa... wind

The wind was blowing really really hard last night. A huge
branch hit my window.. scared me... so I got offline:)

Yesterday was my day off, of course, and Janet called
around 10:30 and left a message that was very deceiving.
She said "I just wanted to know if you could come in to
wo... work. early today" haha.. good try.. but no go. She
tried to make it sound like I was supposed to come in work
anyway.. so I'd panic and pick of the phone.. then they'd
get me! haha.. but nah.. she couldn't fool me. So, I stayed
at home and cleaned all day. It was fun.

Today, after work, I went shopping with my parents. Sam's..
yay. The worst part tho.. I saw my boss, and 2 other ppl
that I work with. Now, that means I have a really sad life
if I'm out doing the same kind of things that my boss does
on a weeknight. hahahaha:) j/k

So.. my grandma's 80th bday is Dec. 3rd, right? Well, my
aunt had a really cool idea to make her a video.. of
pictures.. kinda like a slide show thing. She's gettin all
the pics of mawmaw when she was younger.. with her and her
brothers and sisters... then she's having all of the
different families (my grandma has 7 kids by the way) give
her pics and stuff... then she's gonna have music playin
and everything... it's gonna be awesome. I can't wait.
Mawmaw will love it.

I talked to Mark tonight. Yeah.. he's in love with Erin.