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2001-10-26 03:42:43 (UTC)

just a long lost poem

the pain I feel is real
there is no doubt
I truly do feel pain
for connie's running about
I must be in love
I have no clue why or how
I just know I am
and wonder why she's not with me now
is she with another?
she probably is
does it really matter?
after all, we've never even kissed
it's not like she likes me
but she still plays with my heart
she messes with my emotions
like a fool, I gladly played my part
maybe she's just using me
for what I don't know
she'll figure out something
in the future her scheme will show
why is she spending so much time with me?
I have no clue
Is she starting to like me
or is that not true?
maybe she just wants me to be her friend
but God that's painfully sour
I feel I want to be something more to her
and these feelings grow by the hour
they grow by the day, the hour, the minute, the second
I can't control them at all
So I picked up the phone
and I gave you a call
I couldn't believe what you said to me
"Joe I'll have to talk to you later, Tae's here and
we're watching a movie"
which is fine, of course, I wasn't jealous
but the way she said it, it made me feel as if I
wanted someone just to shoot me
I can say from knowledge come and passed
that the worst pain is to give your love and affection
to someone else
they take you in, be real close, tell you that you're
a friend, and nothing more
you loose all self worth and want to put you heart on
a shelf
you just want to stop the tears so bad
the tears that stroll down your face every night and
every morning
but there's nothing I can do
for I love her, and no matter what I say. no one am I
they all know I have true feelings for her
everyone except for Connie Dale
the only person I ever tried to be something special
I wish she would have, but now all I want is for my
love to go stale
I can't take this pain of loving her
she has too many other admirers
she doesn't want to be mine
because of this I have gone from a lover to a cryer
I can truly say that when comparing to a broken heart
there is no worse pain
and all you wanna do when you think about your love
is hide and hold your head down in shame..........