Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-10-26 03:17:48 (UTC)

Hate wont stop hate!!!

'i believe that the world believes in love... living in
this world of pain, dont let it bring you down... the world
is a ghetto.'

*sigh* My 11 year old sister came home bawling today, and
what she told me made me cry to. Her friend Barbra got
beat up today. Some girl said to a big mexican very mean
girl that little puertorican Barbra said something
derragatory about mexicans. So she and a boy and some
people hit her in the head with a garbage can, and
proceeded to bash her head into the concrete. Her eye is
really messed up... and she didnt wake up... we dont know
how she is yet. But after they beat her, she didnt wake
up... people are saying shes paralyzed... my first thought
was to kick their cowardly little asses... but does that
make me any better than them?? Sadly, this isnt the first
time this has happed. This happens alot at that school,
and they do nothing about it, its like they dont care.
Maybe they dont. I dont understand the hate... I dont
understand it. MTV said it best, hate wont stop hate. If
were fighting a war on terrorism, lets look in our school,
at all the little children terrorized everyday by
classmates. My little 11 year old 6th grade sister has
come home crying because of the things they say to her, and
i have never ever seen her cry this hard before. Not even
when dad left. Shes 11!!! Why did she have to see that?!
Ashley did too, she was around 13. What is wrong with
these people?? Has so much changed in about 5 years?? Im
only 16, I never dealt with the violence they have to. My
first experiance with drugs was in 9th grade. Colleen,
5th. Ashley, 7th. Ive never dealt with that kind of
violence, ive had the occasional person want to fight me,
or a few verbal bashes, but never anything like this. The
same thing is true of both stories, both racist, both got
their head pounded into the ground. In ashleys case, 17
times the 6th grade white girl got pounded in the ground by
a black 8th grader. No one knows how many times little
barbra did, but were praying for her life. What is the
point of attacking people? Why cant we just accept each
other, embrace our differences? Not judge until we have
the actual facts? There is no reason for this hate! I
dont see it... maybe its my own niaveness... I cant
understand what posses people to think its okay to harm a
person like that... her life is changed forever. Can you
imagine being her?? I pray taht mentally she can survive
this, let alone physically. What about all her friends?
Those who saw her helpless... and they were helpless...
just pounding her, beating her ceaselessly... for no
reason. For no reason. Then the school hides it, ignores
it. There is a group of very angry parents right now...
and a very angry teenager that wants to fight against the
discrimination and hate in our own society.

Why cant people take the time to respect other people? To
help them? People assume that we know everything. We
arent God. If a person needs a helping hand, isnt that the
least we can offer? The very least? Matt had to close
broiler today and he didnt know how and no one woudl help
him. Thats not cool.

Awwh! My poor puppie! She broke her leg. She keeps
whimpering... gosh i wish I could make her stop hurting.

God bless america.

Matt, Mary, Will, and anyone that needs to hear it, I love