pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2001-10-26 02:28:12 (UTC)

#2 a wonder for him

here we go again
just when i was beginning
to accept theat i'm never gunna get a reason
ignorance is bliss
& then i found out how it really was
as confusion was disinegrating
it made a u-turn & came at me full force
i should have known
all of what you used to tell me
your expresions from when you used to see me
the tone in your voice
the touch of your hand
i can still see it
i envy the fact i can't have it anymore
i never knew that reason for it ending
i never thought you could/would go for someone like me
rumors run of what you said
i wish i could have heard it from you
maybe then i would have realized
what was given to me
instead of what i thought to deservd

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