lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-10-26 02:18:27 (UTC)

the grass is always greener

ok, so i was just thinking about how i tend to look back on
months, weeks, whatever, that have happened and
wonder, "why wasn't i happy with what i had THEN?" cuz
things seem to be getting more & more complicated as i go

but it's so totally true. you always bemoan whatever
situation you find yourself in, but it will be GREAT by
comparison in a short while. i guess since i look forward
to the future with so much hope and all, i bum out as i
realize that life isn't all sunshine and unicorns.
haha "and puppies grow up to be dogs and they get old, and
they DIE!" ahh good stuff.

but i was looking @ notes and pictures from last year, and
thinking about our nights at youth group (which held a
lotta action in soo many ways) and stuff, and it was all
very weird. cuz i thought back and i wish i could have
seen how good i had it then. things were simple.
obviously not totally simple, but i didn't realize how much
God was providing for me in the midst of my complaining.
and to quote a dear friend, "i can't take back what i did"
but in a lot of ways i ruined the simplicity i used to
have. but then again, it wasn't all my work and it hasn't
all been ruined. i can only hope that the complications
are something that one day will be a great learning
experience. yeah that's it.

so this was the cheeseball, weird, blah blah blah entry of
the week. i'm sorry you had to endure it. :-)