Foretold destiny

Chosen fate, Drowning Eden
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2001-10-26 02:05:40 (UTC)

To start Anew

To start a new diary is like....starting all over. Its just
like being born again and starting a brand new life and
making all new descisions. New freinds. New aquantences.
Getting a chance to start over. New mistakes. A new
personality. New questions. And most important of all...A
fresh clean slate to fill with the knowledge and power of
your more mature self. regretfully not as
knowledgable and powerful and mature as i should be at my
time in life but i am working on it. I have figured out
alot of things in life. Useless facts. Useful hints. Like
(one of my quotes) "You cant trust everybody, But you have
to trust somone". I dunno.....i just feel i have made some
really bad descisions in life and that i have hurt people.
I mean....we all have a tendancy to hurt people...even if
its not intended....its just second nature. But when you
start doing it regularly it becomes a problem. I need to
start over. I hope you all can learn from me and i can
learn from you.


P.S I hope i can feel clean on the inside.

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