le soleil et la lune
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2001-10-26 01:45:38 (UTC)

I can t believe this. I am..

I can't believe this. I am working 8 days in a row. I am
going to be one VERY cranky person. My car is going to go
into the shop tomorrow, so for the weekend I am going to be
rideless. I figure now is the time when I start asking
Amber to take me places as payback for all the time I've
driven her around. But, the problem with that is that I
don't especailly want to spend any amount of time with
her. Like today she came over and sat next to me in
journalism, and asked me to come up with some ideas for her
to write down for the next issue of the paper. It's not
like I didn't have work to do!

We're all going to be so cute when we go trick-or-treating
(I hope, anyway) CJ and I are going as punk rocker twins,
Amanda hasn't decided what she's going as, Tiff's not
going, and i'm not sure about everyone else. But you know
what, even if it's just amanda, cj, and I, we will still
have an awesome time b/c we get to act like even bigger
asses than normal. YAY!!!!

Sarah's Hint For The Day: If you want attention to be
constantly called to your boobs, wear a shirt from
Charlotte Russe!

Oh, and I still haven't received any e-mails from Matthew.
I thought he said he had sent me some. Hmmmmmmmmm.

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