Pandora's Book
2001-10-26 01:00:52 (UTC)


Oct 25, 01

Ok, So I was invited to go to Saunders Farm again this week.
Jenn said that she wanted to make up for last weeks incident
(see previous post I think) so she was going to get another
group together and go. She said that we would be taking her
van and Curt would probably drive his car so there would be
plenty of room. WELL, Curt decided to be a poo poo head and
is not going. Jenn for some reason cant take the van so they
have to take Adams truck, which seats 5. There are 6 who
were planning to go! (like last week). Jen asked if I would
drive up, I made it clear I was not allowed- although I would
have the car... I told her that my parents check the millage
on the car to make sure I dont go anywhere whithou
permission. I dont know if they do or not. Then we figure
things would work out because Ned didnt want to go afterall.
We forgot that Patty had been invited to though! (cuz Jenn's
van seats 7). I got a call from Patty earlier asking if I was
going to drive (she wasnt aware of what I had told Jen
earlier).. she said that Jen wanted to know! Does Jen have
alsymers or something? I said that I wouldnt earlier today!!
And it bugs me that she had enough nerve to ask after last
weeks incident! The exact same thing has happened agian!
WHy do I put up with it?

I just taking to Patty on ICQ and she said that she called
Jening that I didnt want to drive up tomorrow and Jen sounded
pissed. Well, if I invited people to go somewhere (which is
an hour away) I would not invite more people than can fit in
my car and expect some people to drive themselves! But I
seem to be the only one who thinks that! Arg