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2001-10-26 00:51:43 (UTC)

Wow. my first entry. What a..

Wow. my first entry. What a special moment. Let's start wit han

I quit cheerleading yesterday. I can't say I'm happy with
my decision. I can't say i hate it either. I'm indifferent.
I'll have more time on my hands.

Halloween's coming up. I love Halloween. Today my sister
and I carved a jack-o-lantern. Good times.

I think I've managed to alienate every one of my friends.
Most of the prople who stuck around are the ones that are
desperatly in need of friendship, or just too dumb to
realize who I really am.

After school, my stepfather told me that I would be home
quicker if I went to Carmel Clay High School. Hmm. Then
why, pray tell, are you sending me to Park?

Will write Later.