2001-10-26 00:37:51 (UTC)

"My Last Nerve!"

Ugh! Why do I not like him so much? If you're wondering,
I'm talking about Robin, or as you may know him better as.
Germany. Let me tell you the story: It was me, Raniece,
Jaboori, Haille, Germany, and Linda who is another German
exchange student. Well, Linda was telling us how she was
going to have a test and Germany was like, "Does it look
like we care?" and she was like, "But I. ." and he cut her
off by saying, "I don't think so, so shut the f*ck up!" I
was so shocked that he would say that to her because they
are always together and I thought they were cool with each
other. He was probably just trying to show off or
something. But when the bell rang for us to go he was all
acting nice towards her. I just don't understand why she
always talks to him if he's so mean to her. That was like a
big turn-off. What a jerk! So, I don't try to talk to him.
Today he was like, "You don't talk to me anymore." and I
was like, "Oh."

Reyna told me that he's always trying to spit game at these
freshmen. When I was walking out of school with Jason I saw
him with his hands on this girl's shoulders. I don't know
if he saw me or anything, but the next time I looked at him
he wasn't with her, so I don't know. It's all good tho,
because Jason has his arms around my shoulders, so it's all