2001-10-26 00:35:55 (UTC)


Well, today fully sucked. My supervisor came in first
thing this morning, which I knew beforehand. Then, he had
a meeting with two employees from another store that is
having problems in the store, then all the sudden S walked could call her the HEAD SUPERVISOR over all the
stores (there are 45 across the country). She was already
in a bad mood and was a bitch from the start. She was
bitching about how i was dressed. For god's sake I manage a
porn store and half the time I am on my knees on the floor
straighttening magazines etc. (no rude comments from you
readers..the one of If I were to wear a dress, I
would have guys trying to look up the damn thing. Anyway
then she was bitching about our water coolers, then the
fact that I don't have many halloween decorations out. Big
fricken deal. Then complaining about everything. But not
saying a damn thing about the fact that we are sposed to be
ten percent over our goal and we are actually thirty
percent over our goal.. no word about that. Then t came in
and we ate lunch. I just didnt have a good day. I want to
feel better about myself and i can't. I let other people
determine how I will feel. ~bella