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2001-10-26 00:18:28 (UTC)


Well, I hope this doesn't bore those who read it too much,
and I hope I can enjoy writing a bit of my life down.
Today had been a little stressfull. This morning I got out
of bed at 5:30 to study for my chemistry test. I managed
to study for almost an hour and a half, but I still don't
think I did very well. Maybe a low B :( Then, I went to
chem lab and it was the longest lab I've ever experienced.
We took the entire class time(which is rare), and I still
have close to 2 hours of work to do to finish the lab
report. I also saw a classmate in my computer class and he
told me the project which is due in the morning, the one I
haven't even started yet(at 8:30 p.m.), took him six hours
to complete. So, I'll probably be up until 2 or three this
morning. This situation will be repeating itself with more
and more frequency over the next few years as I finish my
undergrad years and go to med school, and I am not sure if
I can handle it. I guess we'll see.