True confessions of the curly headed gir
2001-10-25 23:46:09 (UTC)

Guys, what do they really think? The world may never know.

Oct. 25,2001
For a long time I have studied, observed and messed around
with them. In fact I was and still am a tom-boy. Yet I
still don't know what makes them tick. Most guys say they
think with their head, and no not the one above their
shoulders, the one that's in their pants. Sometimes that
isn't true though, but most of the time.... well you get my
point. So there's this guy (go figure) and I like him.
I've liked him since I was a Freshman. I made the mistake
of telling him, but a couple of days ago I had a talk with
this boy. We talked about stuff, but I made it clear that
I didn't like him. Secret thing is that I still do, I just
wanted things to be back to normal again, the way I liked
our friend ship. We aren't as close, but we are getting
there. Most of my friends say that since I don't like him,
he'll be crawling after me now. But he wont have to crawl