2001-10-25 23:41:28 (UTC)

Quilt Talk and More

About the Leap!, Pink Four-patch and Bowtie quilts--I've
only done the machine sewing part of binding these quilts.
They still need to have the binding turned under and hand
sewn to the backs. I've sewn one side of the Leap! quilt
but that's it so far. I did find my little four Halloween
cats quilt which I adapted from a Cheri Saffiote pattern in
her book Wednesday or Not. That one I've put on the wall
near my desk so that I can enjoy looking at it. I also
found a partially completed hooked rug of a pumpkin and an
almost completed autumn penny rug so I should try to find
time to finish those, maybe before Thanksgiving? Otherwise,
they'll go back into the UFO (un-finished objects) box for
another year.
I noted the day of the month today--the 25th. Two months
until Christmas! Can it be that soon? I'll check to see
what I need to add to the grocery list to make fruitcakes
which I always make, by tradition, on Election Day to give
them time to age. I know I still have some brandy and rum
left so I shouldn't have to get more this year. Now that
the boys are older John is the one in charge of buying
presents. When they were little I bought the blocks, the
little racing cars, the books, the board games, the puzzles,
the fire trucks and sweaters, the chocolate Santas and
candy canes but now they want techno-stuff so I leave that
all to John. That leaves me free to make quilts and penny
rugs and hooked rugs and Christmas tree ornaments and
hand-made Christmas cards as well as the traditional goodies
to eat so that's fine with me! Of course, this will change
again when the time comes when we are grandparents and I'll
get to buy children's toys and treats once again!
Note to myself: Find the list of Christmas cookie
I don't know if Jan Patek will have a BOM this year. I sent
her an email to ask. Usually, it's announced quite a bit
ahead of time but I haven't heard a word about one yet.
I've got the Old Glory BOM ordered but usually I do at least
two BOMs a year. Okay, okay! Maybe I don't actually DO
them but I get them to do. Later. When I have time. I do
have her new pattern, "American Spirit", on my WTD list but
who knows when I'll get to that one. If I'm lucky, I'll
have it done by next Fourth of July.

I see that Sue Spargo has a quilt label book out and I want
to at least look at that one and perhaps order it. Making
labels is not one of my favorite parts of quilt making but
maybe if it were more fun to do I'd be more interested in
making them. Jan also has several books being released for
Quilt Market --one is Fat Quarter Favorites II and Folk Art
Favorites I--neither of which I think I'm interested in, at
least right now. But I do want to see what quilts are in her
new Winter Holidays book. I hope to have a chance to see
these books within the next month or so and decide then
which ones I want to get.
Quilt Festival! Oh, how I wish Jack had decided to go to
Rice University instead of Johns Hopkins! Then I'd have an
excuse to go to Houston and go to the Quilt Festival! I
have registered to see the quilt fashions and quilt on-line
It begins November 2nd.
Yes, I know. Before Christmas there are two other holidays;
Halloween and Thanksgiving. On Sunday morning I'll bake
Halloween cupcakes and cookies and send some with Owen when
I drive him back to university that afternoon. I'll let him
go through the Halloween decorations I have that I haven't
used in quite a while and let him pick out what he'd like to
decorate his room. John is working Halloween night on night
shift which begins at 6:30 p.m. and he's scheduled to work a
12-hour day shift on Thanksgiving Day too.
We're going to spend the next couple of days cleaning up the
yard. The reward will be going out to dinner at Izzy's in
Corvallis on Friday night and a beautiful yard! John began
today by raking up leaves in the backyard to burn. I was so
sad when they banned leaf burning in Eugene when I was in
high school. I love that smell! It's not really autumn
without it.

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