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2001-10-25 23:30:59 (UTC)


i havent been writing in this for liek.... umm a while so
anyways nothing rlaely knew has been happening lately ouch
my teeth hurt i had to go to the orthodontist yesterday and
i hafta get the rest of my braces on in a week& 4 days
ahhhh that sukcs so bad

i got liek a major headaache on the side of my head
it herrts like a bitch.... ummmm anyways im reallyy happy
tommarow is friday cuz i need a weekend im sick of school
i have like a 48 in english that sucks cuz i wanted it
to at least be passing but oh wellll theres nothign now cuz
the god damn marking period closes on tuesday or sum shit
like taht... toommarow i think me, casey, and mela are
working at the haunted house again then i think were going
to do suttin afterwards but i dono yet then prolly
sleepover mela's house!!

today my favorite song came on....drops of jupiter hahah i
was so happy i lvoe that song! school was mad boring today
i did nothign well um yeah i think thats all for nowww...
ahh my head


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