Book of the Purple Faerie
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2001-10-25 23:13:21 (UTC)

Ominous Predictions...

Today, I recieved the most disturbingly accurate tarot
reading in my life...

Two queens and a king... two girls and a boy who mean a lot
to me, or who hold a lot of influence. Good one, tarot
deck, you got that one...

The problem will require a lot of resolve to turn out
well... All involved are going to have to think and act
with much of their maturity willpower and act in a manner
they know is "right". Not just they, I as well. It was my
reading after all, an answer to a question I posed.

There will be good intentions and misplaced intentions...
will they be mine or of others? I'm worried... Things are
bad enough without me making them worse... I don't want the
others to hurt themselves or each other either...

The conclusion card gives me hope though... the explanation
I was given was that of a dreamer, or of a fantasy... I
hope that it means that this problem is entirely in my head
or will end as well as can be hoped.

What a morbid way to start a diary, huh? Something I needed
to get off my chest. Hopefully future ones will be much
more pleasant! I want to have faith...

Faith is a very hard thing to keep in your heart.

It seems sometimes that I see the world from a very
distorted point of view. Are things really as they are? Or
as I want them to seem? Am I deluding myself...? I pray
that I'm not. No! I have faith in the people that I love!
Things WILL work out, somehow!

I just know it...

The Purple Faerie