Innocent Girl, Interrupted
2001-10-25 22:58:18 (UTC)

Thursday - 10.25.01

Today was okay. It was Spirit Day and I wore my black &
yellow striped kitten ears. This morning we had a pep
rally, and Jared and I cross-dressed for homecoming. They
had 2 cross-dressing couples representing each class.
Forest and Laurel walked together too. I was funny wearing
Jared's clothes and him wearing my mom's. Speaking of
Forest, he pissed me off today. He told Will "If Jessi
wants her CDs, she can ask me for them." I ASKED HIM
TWICE!!! So I stopped him in the hall today and was
like "Ok dude, bring me my CDs! This is the 3rd time I've
asked you, so dont go tell Will to tell me that I need to
ask you myself." and he was trying to be all funny about
it. Pissed me off! Gosh, I swear... I dont know WHY I let
him get to me. Then the stupid ass told Mr.Manzanares (this
awesome teacher from Spain), who we just call Julio, how he
really wanted to be my friend and stuff. Psh, w/e! My gosh,
he's so fake! So Julio was like "Are you okay w/ Forest? He
said he wanted to be your friend." I was like, "WHAT?!" My
gosh, that boy lies to make himself look good. He doesnt
care if we're friends or not! And if he does, he sure has
one hell of a way of showing it. Here I am getting all
pissed about it again. I just want him to stay AWAY from
me. I wish he'd drop out of my life.

Tomorrow I have the EEG at Vanderbilt, so I get to miss all
day at school. Hopefully it'll all go well. Here I am all
pissed at Forest... I hope it doesnt affect my test
tomorrow. I hate to say it, but if he died, I wouldnt miss
him! I dont like being so heartless like that, but GOD!
He's so full of SHIT! I mean, gosh, why be a liar? I hate
liars... what's the point of lying? it gets people NO
WHERE, yet they're stupid enought to keep doing it.
Pathological liars I have NO sympathy for. If they died, I
wouldnt miss them either. People in general just SUCK.