Heart of Tanglewood

The Ravings of a Teenage Girl
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2001-10-25 22:54:57 (UTC)

Trick or treating

God I'm mad. I wanted to go trick-or-treating this year but
now I don't. I mean what's the point? I'm sixteen years
old; I am going to have to go with my thirteen-year-old
brother and my PARENTS! How embarrassing is that? I mean
not only that but now my mother obsessing about how the
stupid, stupid costume is being tied (it's a dress and it's
got a tie in the back) I mean It's a size 12 costume and I'm
a size six, so of course I'm going to tie it tight, but she
thinks it should be as loose as possible! When she ties's
it, it looks like I'm wearing Jammies! There's really no
point and now my mom's ruined the fun. Plus she's not even
going to be here to see me trick-or-treat anyway so why does
she even care?