Dreaming in Color
2001-10-25 22:12:45 (UTC)

Meanderings through Thursday...

No class until 10:30 tomorrow, hurrah!
Frenchfry war has been started today...that kid that hucked
one at me today during dinner had best watch himself! He's
kinda cute, actually...hmm...
Poetry reading tonight...going because late classes
tomorrow. I'm going to attempt to aquire something vaguely
resembling culture while I'm in this crazy place called
college, other than a really bad diet and a different belt
size. Well, at least study habits have improved...then
again I haven't actually gotten any grades for my classes
yet...except drawing ("Professor" Jim...Gawd bless 'im!!!).
Parents are visiting for my birthday on Sunday. Steve
visited last weekend and it was...well, a weekend with
Steve. Wonderful beyond all belief and confusing beyond
all belief and I would never change any of those weekends.
For a male best friend / occassionally sometimes more? he
sure knows how to show a chic a good time :) Cake and all.
Wondering how one takes so many naps, yet is still
absolutely exausted. Should go to Gym to get energy, or at
the very least treat myself to an espresso over at Java
City. Too unmotivated to do either...tomorrow sounds like
a GREAT gym day.