Alex's Angel

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2001-10-25 22:04:45 (UTC)

...midnight talk...

i was talkin to alex last night (just like how we always
do), and well almost at the end of our convo, it got a bit
weird. we started talkin about me and whats been going on
and whatever, and we also talked about my friends. i told
him that lately i feel like im drifting away from everyone
that "supposedly" cares about me. we just kept talking
about it and he told me i shouldnt let myself grow apart
from ash and them. that its good im changing or something
like that, but i shouldnt stay away from my friends and
whatever cus they do care about me and yeah.

it felt good talkin to him. i mean it felt good knowing
someone knows and understands about what im feeling.
everytime i talk to him, he always manages to like lift me
out of the dirt that ive fallen into.

i just wish i can do what he told me to do, stay close to
my friends.......